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Videobasierte E-Learnings von sind der Schlüssel zu kosteneffizienter Mitarbeiter-Ausbildung. Ihre MitarbeiterInnen trainieren zeit- und ortsunabhängig.

Zudem können Sie videobasierte E-Learnings von ganz einfach in Ihr Lernmanagementsystem (LMS) integrieren. Dies garantiert der SCORM-Standard, in welchem die Trainings produziert werden.

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3 tips for you to remember a new topic

Our brain has a complex structure. We are not able to recognize all of its functions.

If we learn something new, our brain only filters important information and move it into our long-term memory.

Here are 3 tips for you to remember a new topic:

Tip 1: Recognize the benefits of the knowledge to be learned

If you think that the new topic is important for you, you are more motivated to learn it. Then you can easily remember it.

Tip 2: Link new information with existing knowledge

If you combine your new knowledge with existing knowledge, you will have a better chance to remember it in the future.

Tip 3: Simplify complex learning content

Complex information should be split into a few shorter information. If you do this, the information could be better saved into your brain.




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