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Videobasierte E-Learnings von sind der Schlüssel zu kosteneffizienter Mitarbeiter-Ausbildung. Ihre MitarbeiterInnen trainieren zeit- und ortsunabhängig.

Zudem können Sie videobasierte E-Learnings von ganz einfach in Ihr Lernmanagementsystem (LMS) integrieren. Dies garantiert der SCORM-Standard, in welchem die Trainings produziert werden.

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Web 2.0-tools in Human Resources Development

Some weeks ago we reported about competency development in web 2.0.

Now we would like to introduce you 3 Web 2.0-tools, which can be used in human resources development.

Web 2.0-tools in Human Resources Development


Blogs provide documentation for new activities. They can be used in advanced training for business in the creation of (regular) field reports and in structuring of experience reports of employees and managers.


Podcasts are web 2.0-tools that can be used for visualizing practical activities. As video-trainings they can be used for the creation of short educational films and information reports. Moreover, they can be used to present the company, if new employees are joining the team.

Social Tagging / Bookmarking

Social tagging is used to create and also use bookmarks and tags on the web. Links can be tagged and made accessible to all employees of the company. So helpful educational websites can be created.




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