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Which possibilities does workplace learning offer?

Certainly you have heard that our operational work and learning world is changing with increasing momentum. Self-organization and collaborative work and learning move increasingly to the fore. Work and study have to grow together again. So you can ensure that your company will stay competitive and grow into an innovative organization.

Workplace learning is supporting these requirements.

It includes especially

  • experiential learning
  • collaborative work and learning
  • project learning

For collaborative work you can - beside classic tools - also use internal social networks in your business. Within these networks employees may be given the opportunity to exchange knowledge and develop in a common and collaborative process.

It will be important that you go for a mixed form of different learning processes and should stick to 70/20/10-rule. This indicates that,

  • 70 % of learning in organizations takes place through workplace learning
  • 20 % through social learning (learning within a network)
  • 10 % through foreign-directed learning.

Source: Sauter, Werner & Sauter, Simon (2013). Workplace Learning. Integrierte Kompetenzentwicklung mit kooperativen und kollaborativen Lernsystemen. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.




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